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Top Lies Digital Marketing Experts Tell And Why You Should Believe Them

Top lies Digital Marketing Experts tell

In the course of our work with companies and brand owners, we have come across more anti-digital marketing decision-makers who will give anything to stop you from feeding them with any digital marketing jargon – to them, it’s bad enough that you’re eating into their space and time.

On the other hand, digital marketing experts feel bad about having their titles rebranded by these somewhat ‘aggrieved’ marketers who had been ripped off by “quack, unprofessional & unqualified self-acclaimed digital marketers” who neither have a clue about how the subject matter works nor how the principles apply.

For decision-makers who still worry about the honesty of Digital Marketers, here are some of the lies you should believe

I can help you generate xxx Impressions and Clicks – A professional digital marketer knows what to look out for before creating a campaign but in most cases they are assumptions. The truth is while the digital expert can really help generate the number of clicks/impressions, nothing is ever guaranteed. So Yes, a digital expert can really generate an xxx number of clicks/impressions if the strategy, budget and optimization are right but no digital marketer can make this PROMISE 100%.

You can measure everything in digital marketing – I’m sure that most digital marketers would say “but that’s true”. True as this might seem, not everything can be measured. In Digital marketing, impressions and clicks will always happen online but other things like conversion/sale do not always happen online.

For Example, ABC Limited operates as a retailer with both offline & online store(s). ABC needs to drive online sales. Hence they set up Google, Facebook and Youtube Ads campaigns to drive customers to their website. Mr XYZ goes online, sees the banner – visits the website to make sure ABC has a brand of chocolate he’s been craving – wow they do! Instead of going ahead to place an order online, Xyz remembers that there’s an ABC store along his daily route, stops by one of the stores on his way home and buys the chocolate. While Google/Facebook/Youtube will show that of the impressions served that day, 1 click was generated, digital marketing will not measure things like offline conversions resulting from online campaigns.

  • Why you should believe it – If your objective is to create awareness or provide information, then impressions and clicks will do. While Viewable impressions will be the insight you need on coverage/visibility, clicks will tell you more about actions.

Digital Marketing Should replace Traditional Marketing – Digital marketing can never really replace traditional marketing so it would be ridiculous to ask that. If that was true, have you ever wondered what aspect of digital can replace word-of-mouth marketing? While we encourage more investment in digital, Traditional marketing will always be needed. Any digital marketing expert who asks that of you is certainly ignorant of the rural communities in Africa who have neither smartphones nor access to the internet.

  • Why you should believe it – If your audience comprises 15-30-year-old urban residents, then perhaps you may want to -maybe not completely eliminate traditional marketing but – go heavy on digital.

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  • kayode
    Posted January 27, 2023 at 1:23 pm

    I think this article is quite true to its time as some of the observations here have been improved upon but yet still quite valid

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