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About us

Our mission is "to help businesses stay competitive online and grow"

By delivering high performance-driven marketing solutions, we ensure your goals are met always.

Review & Recommendation
Strategy Development
Creative Designs & Ad Copies
Campaign Management
Data Analysis & Reporting

Started in 2016, Present In 2 Countries

Started in 2016, Chebani is registered in Nigeria and The United Kingdom.

We are a full-service digital marketing agency that aims to improve performance through data-driven online channels.

Our clients have recorded some of the best benefits – with a record average of up to 3000% increase in Return-On-Ad-Spend (ROAS). Thanks to our detailed approach, 60% of our customers have seen over a 78% increase in revenue within a few months of implementing our recommended digital strategy.

Search, Display, Shopping, Video & Mobile

We became a Google partner within just three months of operation 


We were the first female-owned Google partner in West Africa

Partnerships For Ecommerce Growth

We partnered with Shopify to extend help businesses embrace the power of Ecommerce for growth

New Market 

We took the bold step to extend our services to clients in the UK, Europe and other regions. 


Our Approach To Marketing Is Simple.

By leveraging data & online insight, we deliver our clients’ messages to the right people, through the right channel(s), at the right time.

With a combination of Reach, Relevance and Return-On-Investment(ROI) approaches to marketing we ensure the highest possible result is achieved always.

We strive to improve your return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) by constantly exploring innovative ways to achieve and exceed your expected outcomes

At Chebani, we focus on the goal of every campaign journey.

Impressions Served
Tejumade A.

It was a pleasure to engage the professional services of Chebani for our maiden event of Flex n Learn. Within a short time and a defined budget, we were able to get a conversion of about 80% from what we initially thought was lost.

Tejumade A.

Tejuwrites, CEO