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Understanding how effective data analysis impacts business decisions.

51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their smartphone. Have you ever been targeted by an ad while on your smartphone? Most people would answer yes and then admit to having made a purchase because of one of those ads as well. Mobile device targeting for advertisements has been proven to be very effective.

We can help your business can get found by a potential customer using their smartphone. As a Google Partner, we are more than equipped with the knowledge of how to get your business to show up online when your services are searched for.

Switching to Mobile
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When people turn to their mobile device to get answers or take action, it’s a chance for brands to deliver. Are you there? That simple question can guide your efforts as you embrace the mobile shift. Here’s how to think about identifying micro-moments and evaluating your commitment to being there.

51% of people discovered a new brand or bought a different one after a mobile search.


Anticipating upcoming shifts and trends is vital for companies to stay one step ahead, this is especially true when planning a marketing strategy. In 2008 it was predicted that mobile would overtake fixed internet access by 2014 and indeed it did, the shift to mobile search naturally followed.

The shift to mobile search increased year on year and in May 2015 Google announced that more searches were carried out via mobile than on computers in 10 Countries including the US and Japan. However, Google declined to provide any in-depth information on when the shift occurred or stats on mobile vs. computer searches.

So what does this shift to mobile search mean for companies?  It is more likely than ever that a consumer’s first interaction with your website will occur on a mobile so having a website that is clear, easy to use and fast when accessed on a phone is more vital than ever. It is therefore important that you have a mobile optimised website, as a user is unlikely to stay on, or return to your website if their initial experience is bad, in fact only 9% of users will stay on a mobile site or app if they can’t find what they want, it’s too slow or it doesn’t satisfy their needs.

Connect the dots.

It’s important to remember that you don’t have mobile, P.C or In-store customers, you just have customers. They may experience your company across any or all of these mediums before they make a purchase decision. It is important that their experiences are positive whichever platform they choose. They may gather information from your website before making a purchase in your store, a poorly designed and slow website may lose you this sale even though it is not completed on your website. All interactions are valuable even if they don’t provide immediate results.

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